Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eagle Henley

 I love making stuff for my boy. He is very complimentary and he offers a lot of input and he loves sitting next to me as I make it watching every step. (which is a little more common these days since he does less napping and more coloring next to me as I craft.) We both decided he needed a few additions to his summer wardrobe, especially since he thinks wearing long sleeve tees is ok. We started with a simple henley. 
 It's also a great upcycle project created from an old men's polo. Simple, quick and easy. Let's get started shall we?

 I started with this men's large polo pulled from my stash. 
 Then I cut the collar of cutting right down to the collar lining. Since most polos are jersey it won't unravel. so just cut it nice and neat and you are good to go. 
 Then you have a nice collarless shirt. 
 Then fold the shirt in half and using a shirt that currently fits as your guide. Cut out around it. 
 Then you should have a front and back piece. Also cut out the sleeves. I use the original hem of the sleeve so it saves me sewing time later. 
 Next I made a patch for the shirt. I did this by finding a silhouette I wanted and printed that out as my stencil. Then I cut out my patch using jersey knit with interfacing ironed on the back. This makes it so the patch won't stretch and then because it is jersey knit it won't unravel. Jude wanted an eagle we made an eagle and I thought adding some numbers almost like a metal plate, would spiff it up a bit so I asked him his favorite number and used my fabric markers to draw it on. 
 Then I did a satin stitch around the edge of the patch sewing it to the shirt. I added a few stitches with embroidery floss to accent. 
 Then with right sides together sew the front and back pieces together at the shoulder. 
 Then attach the sleeves in the sides with the right sides together. 
 Then sew from the end of the sleeve to the arm pit turn and sew down the side. Hem the bottom and you could be done. 
 I say could be only because the placket on this particular polo was really thick and heavy (many layers of fabric) it is fine for a grown man but it was a bit much for Jude. So I cut out the old placket using my seam ripper and made a new one. It was getting a little complicated and I kind of winged it so I didn't do a full tutorial but I could later if you are interested. Basically it is attaching two rectangles that overlap. Then sewing them in place and adding button holes. It solved the problem. 
 Then the top is done and ready to be enjoyed. You know for that summer day treat outside fresh fruit from the tree...
 He loves his shirt, even if he did insist on wearing them with the plaid pocket shorts... it's hard telling a 4 year old stripes and plaid don't go very well, good thing he is cute enough to pull it off...


  1. great idea! love the boys clothes! :)and I love that expression in the last picture!

  2. Really cute! Gathering men's polo refashions on pinterest and saw this of yours. :)

  3. He is cute enough to pull off the stripes and plaid because I didn't even notice until you said something at the end there... I love all these clothing ideas! I want to make clothes for both my boys next year... All these ideas are great! Thanks! :)


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