Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Motorcycle Jacket!

 Remember how I said I made 4 jackets for Jude? Well I re-mixed the Jude Jacket Pattern to create the Motorcycle jacket. It's the Jude Jacket pattern with a few changes. Like a zipper down the front, and I added a snap flap and ribbing at the waist and cuffs. Simple changes for a totally different look.
 It's all about the top stitching details... it makes the jacket.
 So I started with the Jude Jacket pattern I cut the pattern pieces across the front and back chest in a little bit of a curve. Then when I cut them out of the fabric I added a seam allowance so when everything was sewn back together it was the size as the original pattern. I used a very thin faux sueded cracked leather, and I quilted it to a layer of fleece. Warm and fuzzy on the inside cool on the outside. Then by top stitching I quilted the two layers together in a design I just kind of free handed along the way.
 Then sew the pieces back together like the Jude Jacket pattern was.
 I did the same with the back...
 and the sleeve. (which yes I cut the sleeve pattern as well so it had a "patched" look but really I don't think you have to I think you could just sew a pattern that you like)
 Then I sewed the jacket pieces together following the pattern, I just top stitched all the seams for the added detail.
 Then I measured a rectangle strip of ribbing to go around Jude's wrist. Then I sewed the right sides together. and folded the strip in half so the seam was on the inside. Then I sewed the cuff to the sleeve of the jacket. (need more help on ribbing and how to sew it?)
 Next instead of the buttons down the front I opted for a zipper. Super easy to put in. I used a separated zipper, and sewed it right sides together to the jacket. I sewed one side and the the other, just be sure your two sides line up. (no your eyes are not playing jokes on you that is a grey jacket not brown. I made Jude a grey one too)
 So the jacket could be done right now. You could just hem the bottom and the zipper looks fine down the middle...
 I added some ribbing along the bottom by measuring Jude's waist and then stretching it to fit the jacket. You will also notice I cut out small rectangles that were the same height as the ribbing and then they were sewn to the ribbing. It's just an added detail. Sew the ribbing to the bottom of the jacket.

The last thing I did that for some reason I don't have a picture of... (sorry about that) I made a snap flap for the front. I simple measure the front of the jacket from the bottom of the collar down to the bottom flaps (where the ribbing is) Then I cut a rectangle that was that width (with extra room to turn under the top and bottom) Then I made it wide enough to fold it in half. Then with the raw edge along the zipper I sewed the flap to the right side of the jacket. Then fold it over and top stitch to coved the raw edge. Apply snaps to flap and other side of jacket.
 Now your little dude has a super cool motorcycle jacket. (please ignore the sleeves being a bit short, the boy had a growth spurt so he is now in a size 5 someone tell him to stop growing please :)
It's that perfect thing for wearing on his "tyke motorcycle" or a tricycle... You know how every your 4 year old rolls around town.

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  1. Wow, that is soooooo CUTE!!! Definitely must make one for my boy. Thanks for sharing the details, simple changes make a big difference!!

  2. Adorable. I love how it turned out.

  3. Wow Pow!! I need to sew something like this for my Boy)) when he is about the same age as Jude)

  4. This jacket is amaaaazing. I love all the top stitching detail!

  5. I love this jacket! It is so cute!!! Thanks for sharing how you created it.
    from Jill Made It

  6. It's PERFECT. All of those, "it's just an added details," are what makes it so amazing. You are super awesome. He looks adorable too.

  7. Seriously, this is amazing. Great work! You're absolutely right, the details totally make this jacket.

  8. Amazing, adorable, I want one for my son. Buying the pattern to make it today. Thanks for the ideas.

  9. I loove this jacket!! Amazing job!

  10. This is an i credible jacketand tutorial! Make me want another boy just to make one.  I was hoping you would be so kind as to post your project on my Sew & Tell Saturday linky party at my blog this Saturday. Its geared specifically for sewing projects and fabric related crafts.Thanks so much!
    Justine @
     Sew Country Chick

  11. This jacket is awesome! I just bought the pattern from you. Question -- where did you get the faux suede cracked leather fabric from? Love this so much and would love to replicate this for my little guy! Thanks

  12. Chantal, I got the fabric from Jo-anns it was with all the faux suede and suede cloth fabrics in the apparel section. It was before halloween and so it was way cheap too since that section was "costume" wear.
    I found a link to it in their online store (only in black and I used Brown)

  13. So great. I'm loving your boy looks lately! This is a really cool jacket!

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  15. uuooowwwww!! this motor jacket is amazing!!! thanks for show!!

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  19. This jacket is so cute. Thanks for sharing it.


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