Thursday, May 31, 2012

British Invasion Tee {boys summer collection}

 So my husband works for a company where he handles the European market. Most of his work is in the UK and so it seemed appropriate that I make Jude a British Invasion tee. With a big bold UK flag.
 I love the finished look and the "raw" edge finish. It was quick and easy to make and could be done with any flag really.
 Start by cutting out some shapes. The flag is some simple to put together. You will need navy rectangles. I used a linen because I liked the texture but any navy would be fine.
 Then you need a red cross. How large you make the cross determines the size of the flag.
 Then in each section of the cross add the triangles and a red strip. There should be white all around each piece. You can trim the shapes as needed.
 Continue until all 4 sections are done.
 Pin everything in place. (you could also use wonder under to stick everything in place)
 Then sew around the edges. Now I frayed the edges the bit and when they were as frayed as I liked I used no fray glue (found in the notations section of a craft store) I glued all around the edge, then when it dries the edges won't fray anymore.
 Then that's all there is to it. The shirt is done and ready to wear.
 A great bold look for the summer wardrobe.
And one of Jude's favorites...


  1. I love it! The shirt looks like something you'd buy in a trendy store

  2. Really like the frayed raw edge look. This is a great boy shirt, thank you!

  3. Maybe it's just because of the British theme, but he looks a little like Colin Firth in the second to last shot. You know, if Colin Firth were six.

  4. Love this Tee! Just in time for the Jubilee weekend can whip a couple of these up for my boys just in time for the party weekend :)

    Katie x

  5. Love it!! I did the same concept for my son's 4th of July shirt last year....and I adore Jude's shirt!!


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