Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Contrast Pocket Tee {boys summer collection}

 Today is the first day of the Boys summer collection! I am starting out with the easiest project ever. It is almost too easy to share, I mean it is not rocket science, but maybe it will inspire you to take it on.
You see I saw this shirt:
From Zara, while there stuff is pretty reasonable really, a striped shirt is 9.90 and an added contrast pocket is 12.90. What? 3 bucks for a colored pocket? Well instead I went to my go-to tee shirt place Old Navy and I picked up a bunch of striped tees during one of their 5.00 sales and I used a 30% discount, so they were a steal, and I loved all the colors.
 Then I had a fun tee with a nice pop of color. Pants and Belt to be shared later. So on to the shirt.
 Start with a tee. It doesn't have to be stripes, it can be anything really.
 Now if you are like me, you save pockets when you remove them from a tee shirt. For example this red pocket that I saved from this Tee but, if you don't you can make a pocket by cutting out a rectangle folding in all the edges and sewing along the top edge to secure. So you have something like so.
 Then pin the pocket to the tee. I pin at each "point" so that the pocket doesn't stretch and warp as I sew. (you know since it is knit)

 Sew along the edge very close to the edge. I use a longer stitch then regular when sewing on a pocket, especially with knit.
 Also I sew a little triangle at the top corner of the pocket to add stability to the pocket.
 Then you are done with a fun new tee. So simple right?
Perfect for all the tree climbing adventures, you know boy stuff.
Tomorrow there will be another piece to the collection.


  1. Love it! I've always been a big fan of blue and red together too :)

  2. Love the tute! If you're out of old pockets, you could save one step in the making of a new one by using the sleeve or bottom hem of an outgrown shirt (perhaps your child's old favorite) for the top edge of the pocket.

    I think this would be great for girls who climb trees, too. Or any girl, for that matter.

  3. I was inspired by a similar Zara shirt and made a contrast pocket tee for my son as part of KCWC. I didn't have a striped tee so I tie dyed a plain one. Yours turned out great!

  4. I will be doing this for my hubby. As "they say" boys never do grow up. My hubby has tee's he won't wear because they don't have pockets. Well thanks for the idea of a fix. I am so going to do it. Match or not. LOL...
    Great Idea!


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